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Hi. I'm Sean, also known as Haggis. These are things that I like. If you are reading this, you probably like them too. I think that makes us BFF's now, so can I borrow your car for like 2, maybe 3 hours?
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Scary style Invader Zim, by Jhonen Vasquez

(via jhonenv)

Emma Frost drawn by the amazingly talented @PhilNoto

Emma Frost drawn by the amazingly talented @PhilNoto

Batgirl (Stephanie Brown) hanging with Robin (Damian Wayne)

Unfortunately, young Peter Parker’s appalling lack of table manners tended to carry over into his Spider-Man persona.

Amazing Fantastic Four piece done by Marvel legend Joe Quesada. He was live tweeting the process from staging to pencils to coloring over on his Twitter feed: @JoeQuesada

Supergirls. Wowzers.

Batman artwork by the amazing and talented Whilce Portacio.

New “Amazing Spider-Man” pics! This is looking great. I love the new costume.

Wonder Woman by Stanley Lau

Titans cosplay! Supergirl, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Donna Troy.